Anointed Above Others?

A group of women visited Mystical Earth Gallery the other day. One of them recently had attended a Reiki Masters class, and she walked around with the other two trailing behind her. Before each mineral case, she would stand before it and proclaim she could feel such spiritual energy emitting from the specimens inside.

The other two women looked at her with such awe. Now that she was a “healer”, she was Anointed Above Others By God Himself.

She also saw my brochure showing that I’m an energy healer. She asked me about my work. When I explained what I do and my fee, she proclaimed with great moral superiority that she was anointed with the gift of healing by God, and could not charge for her work, nor would she ever want to.

Over the decades, I have known many people from all walks of life who have called themselves healers. Many of them are constantly broadcasting to everyone that they have a “special gift”, and they cannot charge for God’s work. They often seem to give the perception that God has anointed them above others, and that they are somehow special, especially in the eyes of God.

All of us have special talents. It is true that probably only 15% of the population ever discover what they might be best at, and of those, we say they found their niche in life.

The ability to transmit energy from one being to another for the purpose of healing is not a gift which anoints one above another. It is but a talent, which through practice and dedication can be enhanced as the decades pass.

Take, for example, the talents of a musician or that of a cabinet maker. We would not anoint the musician or cabinet maker above others, morally or spiritually; we understand that their attributes are a talent which they have exercised to the point of mastery. It is no different with an individual who learns to heal. We are simply using the natural talents that the Creator has weaved within our being, as has been done with all of us.

In my earlier life, I explored many occupations, always looking for my niche. Although I put my heart and mind into everything I did, no matter how well I did it, nothing bought me happiness. When I discovered and accepted my ability to heal, I did not see it as a special gift from God. I had simply stumbled upon an attribute. And like the musician and carpenter, I found it gave me great joy to practice my work.

Most of us can buy a guitar and take lessons, but it would be less than 1 out of 100 who are naturally talented and can bring joy to all who experience their music. After a few months, the other 99 will use their guitars as ornaments; others will sit around campfires and lead sing-alongs. And many of those who simply do a bit of strumming will tell the world that they are musicians, and that their talents are equal to the truly talented.

We all know people like this, and you will find the same amongst those who call themselves healers.

So why is it that so many of my brothers and sisters who call themselves healers believe that God has anointed them above others with the gift of healing? Why is it that so many perceive that a healer has received gifts from God that few others are worthy of? Why is it that so many of those who call themselves healers proclaim that what they say comes directly from God or the angels?

They believe God sees them as special and pure — so pure, in fact, that God has chosen them to work through.

Whether people express it or not, this attitude is what turns most people off when it comes to exploring the metaphysical, and rightfully so. Just because one has the ability to coherently transmit energy from one being to another for the purpose of healing does not anoint one above another — and we do not have the answers to everything.

It is true that if one pursues such a path, and as the decades pass, your mind will open to greater clarity. Through that, one may find it easier to provide the answers which may assist an individual on a smoother path in life; but we don’t walk on water, and we certainly don’t have the answers to everything.

No one is anointed above another.

Be at peace.

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Originally published at on September 22, 2017.



Master Healer, Teacher & Philosophical Physicist: Seeking to understand the vibrational condition of the human consciousness.

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Jesse R Martinez

Master Healer, Teacher & Philosophical Physicist: Seeking to understand the vibrational condition of the human consciousness.