Are Ghosts Real?

Jesse Martinez
5 min readJun 28, 2022

In my experience and knowledge of energy, I’ve found there are many reasons for the phenomena of ghosts (or what we call ghosts), and this blog is not an explanation regarding all.

I will not say that a ghost or an entity of some type can never exist; but if they do, they are very rare. So, why are there so many people convinced they have encountered a ghost, or that a loved one who has passed on is trying to contact them?

It is because all of us have an infinite nature and infinite intelligence, and we instinctively know there is something that exists outside of us. We have, in our cellular software, the knowledge that our universe is much vaster than the tiny little strand we allow ourselves to acknowledge, which is based on the belief systems of those who came before us and those who we have been exposed to.

We essentially believe in ghosts because we believe in the idea of disembodied spirits hanging around after death. We say we believe that the soul and physical body co-exist during life; but if we really pondered it, we would realize we see life as only the physical body, and we relegate our electromagnetic consciousness to the dead. We just haven’t yet reached the point in our evolution where can intellectually acknowledge that fact.

It’s a conundrum for us.

We believe we “see” ghosts or spirits because our brains instantly make assumptions. This happens because when we feel a little “something” different around us or that “someone” is watching, we’re feeling a field of energy; and because energy is invisible, the brain fills it in with ghostly images.

We don’t consider how powerful our brain is when it comes to imagery.

Your brain uses a quarter of your body’s energy (at minimum) as it seeks to “fill things in, and that’s a huge amount of energy. It’s in your body’s best interest to conserve that energy, so your brain comes to the fastest conclusion possible to allow you to “settle down” and stop the pondering (or calculation) of what you felt. In doing so, your brain accesses your ancestral records, and the records which stand out the most are those which create fear.

Why fear? Because over the millennia, we’ve become addicted to the adrenaline of fear, which we initially needed for survival. Even though…