Child Discipline & Energy Imprints

Jesse Martinez
5 min readJun 21, 2022

When you discipline a child, the goal is to energetically imprint within them a lesson, not a blockage.

(I do want to state upfront that it’s impossible for you to know what any moment is going to bring — it is not something you can ever control. We’re lucky if we can understand 5% of what is happening at any given moment in regard to energy, much less fully understanding another person’s mind, especially when we can’t fully understand our own.)

When you are in the presence of children, become focused on being compassionate with them, and not carrying within yourself a mean vibration.

It also helps if you can understand where their minds are at. In most cases when children are playing, they are in a state of joy. Their focus on that joy can be absolute, and quite blind to everything else around them.

When a child is in a state of joy, and that joy is disrupted when a sudden and harsh energy is unexpectedly directed at them, the vibration of that harsh energy is then embedded within their being. This happens for different reasons, but the number one reason is because the negativity came on very suddenly and unexpectedly, and therefore, no defense is set up against it. Additionally, when the energy is loud in volume, it only serves to embed it deeper.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, using the example of a father yelling at his child because toys were left on the floor, children will keep that harsh energy alive within their being by attempting to figure out the reason WHY the event happened.

If a conclusion is reached, they remember the reason and keep that vibration alive in their body because they don’t want the experience of being yelled at again. Take for example the little boy with the blocks; depending upon the circumstances, he may conclude he can’t play with his toys or dad will yell at him. He’ll play with the toys when dad isn’t there, but he’ll always be on guard for dad to show up.

The child will not enjoy playing with his toys and loses an expression in relationship to freely playing and educating himself through that play. His reaction will be to diminish that part of himself, and then utilize that time and part of the energy to be on guard.