Do Spirit Guides & Angels Really Exist?

Jesse Martinez
8 min readMay 24, 2022

I received a question recently from a client. This client has an acquaintance who says she has a “spirit guide”, whom she asks for help in everyday life. This spirit guide also tells the acquaintance whether a person is “good”, “bad”, untrustworthy, etc.

Meanwhile, my client’s acquaintance is extremely hypocritical, as she herself is very judgmental, toxic and manipulative.

My client doesn’t believe there’s a “spirit guide” at all; she thinks it’s all in her acquaintance’s mind. She points out that even if this woman did have an actual spirit guide or angel communicating with her, it is ironic how judgmental this spirit is about everyone EXCEPT the woman. In fact, this “spirit guide” only has great things to say about the acquaintance. If it was real, wouldn’t it point out to the acquaintance how awful a person she is? My client also has an evangelical Christian relative who says she has daily conversations with God, and He tells her whether someone is “godly” or not.

The client said she’s known quite a few people who have decided they have this “hotline to the heavens”, and to her it just seems like they’ve found a perfect excuse and justification for their bad behavior.

She knows I’ve had some experiences with visions and omni-experiences, and was interested in my viewpoint.