Greatness in Dyslexia

Jesse Martinez
3 min readJul 15, 2017


I’ve worked with many dyslexics over many years in my energy healing practice.

There are different levels of dyslexia, but unfortunately the academic community (for the most part) seems to clump them together as though there is only one type and one way to teach someone with dyslexia. None of these methods were created by someone with dyslexia; instead, they were created by people who have decided what a dyslexic can handle, what they can perceive and what they can accept.

Dyslexics do not seem to be accepted by most of the academic community, especially our educational system. The reality is that you would be hard-pressed to find a great physicist who was not dyslexic. You would be hard-pressed to find a great novelist who was not dyslexic. When I see or hear Elon Musk being interviewed, I see an individual who is dyslexic.

A dyslexic is either a great achiever or lives a mundane life. In fact, most live an under-achieved life — not because they’re incapable, but rather it is society that has failed them at a young age.

I personally know the difficulty and ugly manner with which a dyslexic is perceived and treated, as I am dyslexic on many different levels. I was treated with indifference and/or great disrespect as a child. I was constantly being told that I was stupid, both by family and members of my community.

By the time I reached adolescence, people were only concerned about the rage I carried within. No one cared about understanding why I existed in such rage, only that I would be disruptive to society. In their eyes, I was one of the “bad ones”, constantly being told I would end up in prison or the electric chair.

The reality is this: I knew I was smart, but I was always treated as though I was an idiot. If I would get even a little nervous, I continuously stuttered. When I managed to speak, I mispronounced words and would become a laughingstock. During this time, I had many visions, but I could not express what I saw or felt. Yes, I was angry.

I often wondered how I survived those years.

I struggled for most of my life. But as time went by, I figured things out and overcame the belief that I was somehow afflicted. I began to understand that I see that which is invisible to others. Inevitably, I learned that I could make a living by seeing what others do not see.

Today, my true work is being a healer. Over the years, I have helped many dyslexics find peace within themselves, and understand that they are not deficient, but rather they are a living expression of evolution. I have been quite successful at teaching them to navigate through the rigidness of our society, and allowing themselves their uniqueness without shame or guilt.

As an energy healer and spiritual counselor, many concerned parents have bought their dyslexic children to me. I have found many times that just by talking to the child about my own dyslexia, what I have been through in life and how I was perceived, that it is absolutely amazing how they start coming out of their shell.

They realize that they are not “flawed”. It is amazing to see their brilliance emerge as they start asking questions in relationship to things they’ve perceived through their ponderings.

Most dyslexic children and adults are more than capable of achieving great things in life.

Be at peace.

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Originally published at on July 15, 2017.