The Merging of Science and Spirit

Jesse Martinez
3 min readMay 28, 2017


Some people believe that because I speak of quantum mechanics and scientific theories and philosophies, therefore I must be an atheist or somehow against the Holy Spirit.

Although I do not place any religious tags on myself or identify with any specific religion or belief system, beginning at the age of three I starting having visions, which have continued throughout my life. I believe I have sat in counsel with great Angels, and I have no doubt in my heart and mind there is a unifying consciousness that holds the universe together and all things within it. I just do not accept the beliefs of ancient tribes that lived in mud huts.

I believe every crystal and mineral here at Mystical Earth Gallery was created through this consciousness that most call God. I believe every atom in the universe was created through this perfection, and I also believe that I would be arrogant to draw conclusions of what this great consciousness is — and even more arrogant to make laws in the name of this consciousness.

The best I can hope to do at this moment in time is observe Creation: looking at the evidence of existence through observing everything around me.

Observing Creation is to hold a beautiful piece of amethyst and bear witness not only to its physical beauty, but also its exquisite vibration. It is about feeling the gentle surge of its frequency, which vibrates my cells into a higher frequency; it is to stand in awe at the symbiosis between myself and the amethyst. I see and feel this symbiosis within everything I eat, everything I touch, and everything I experience; but because I experience this symbiotic relationship in my heart and mind, it does not justify that I should make a proclamation as to its absolute nature.

As I see and feel a symbiotic relationship with amethyst and my physical body, I also see and feel a symbiotic relationship with the merging of Science and Spirit.

My goal as this blog moves forward will be to articulate to the best of my ability that which I ponder and feel. It does not mean what I express is an absolute truth in any way, shape or form; it is simply something to chew on in one’s pondering.

Let us take copper, for instance. It was noticed by monks and priests — especially during the Middle Ages throughout Europe and Asia — that people who worked in the copper mines (and their families) were not affected by the great plagues of the time, such as the Black Plague. For centuries thereafter, tribes throughout the world used copper as protection against disease, and medical tools were made of copper.

Shortly after WWII, as antibiotics started becoming effective in the fight against infection, the tribes of Earth seemed to forget about copper.

Over the past few years, though, researchers at South Hampton University in England re-examined old records of Black Plague survivors and found that people who worked in copper mines were unaffected by the plague. These researchers felt it was highly justified to allocate funds to understand why copper was effective against the Black Plague, or if it even was effective.

The researchers found that if bacteria (even one of the new superbugs which are highly resistant against antibiotics) is placed on a copper plate, within five minutes the bacteria is completely dead — it becomes liquified.

Research shows that the electrons in copper appear to be shorting out the electrical flow of energy on the protective layer of the bacteria. Within seconds, the outer layer of the bacteria (the protective layer) starts falling away or even dissolving. A few seconds later, the electrical charge from the copper shorts the electrical current in the DNA of the bacteria itself, and the entire structure becomes liquified.

This is science observing the Creation.

There is no magical power within the copper, there are no spirits in the copper, there are no guardians of the copper. What we observe are the characteristics and attributes which Creation engineered within the atom structure of the copper.

This observation, for me, is the merging of Science and Spirit as I bear witness to the divine engineering of Creation.

Be at Peace.

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