Why We Suffer From Depression

Jesse Martinez
8 min readJun 7, 2022

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Over decades of healing experience, I describe here what I see energetically, in addition to my 70 years of life experience. These are solely my own observations.

Understanding and dealing with depression is a vast field of study, as there are infinite forms of depression and many levels of severity. What I offer you is a different perspective on the causes of depression, and a path forward without shame or guilt. It is not rigid nor dictatorial.

It is a path that may help you understand, accept, and embrace the self.

For someone who suffers with depression, it can seem as though the cause is infinite, and their search for a resolution becomes never-ending. This is because there ARE infinite reasons for its cause, but what they all have in common is one mechanism: energy frequencies triggering chemical reactions in the body, which in turn cause chemical imbalances.

Where do the energy wavelengths come from that trigger these chemical reactions? They naturally happen within our own bodies, as we are basically pure energy, and every thought we have involves energy vibrations. We all have an “energy weather system”, as I call it. We are also always walking through the energy weather systems of others, and every interaction we have with another involves our wavelengths of…